29 Feb 2016 – Browser Usage Stats

admin 08 Mar 16

Since Microsoft has officially ended support for most IE versions in January there has been a steeper drop in market share for IE 11 that previous month's trends, dropping more than 2% in January and Feb, from just over 25%, down to 23.16%.

The more worrying stat for Microsoft is that IE 8 and IE 9's usage stats have remained pretty much unchanged and Edge hasn't really taken off (stuck at 3% share), even though Windows 10 has been a free upgrade for most users, this would mean that many users are upgrading, but not necessarily the ones Microsoft would want the most. Either those old IE users are using the older versions out of software dependencies or licensing issues, either way, it means as developers, we still have to keep them in mind and Microsoft might have to adjust their strategy to get users to upgrade.

The other interesting thing is that the drop in IE market share has gone to all the other vendors with Chrome, Opera and Safari up, except Firefox, which also dropped slightly.