Browser usage stats on 12 Jan 2016 – Microsoft’s official end support date for IE

admin 14 Jan 16

Well, users of older versions of Internet Explorer are now more at risk than ever, with Microsoft no longer officially supporting older IE versions.

Only the most recent version of IE available for each supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates. This means IE 11 for the majority of Windows users. The exceptions are Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2, for which the latest available version is IE 9, and Windows Server 2012, for which the latest available version is IE 10, which will still receive limited support.

The problem for web developers and companies out there is that older IE browsers still has a large number of users, which means that unfortunately we would have to continue testing for browser compatibility...for the time being anyway!

Below you can see the latest browser usage stats for each IE browser version according to Netmarketshare.

Internet Explorer Market share as at 12 January 2016:
Internet Explorer 11 (still supported by MS) - 25.57%
Internet Explorer 10 - 4.18%
Internet Explorer 9 - 6.67%
Internet Explorer 8 - 8.95%
Internet Explorer 7 - 0.33%
Internet Explorer 6 - 0.52%

In comparison, Microsoft's new Edge browser only has a market share of 2.25%. Still a very long way off from the browser it is meant to replace, IE11's 25.57% share!

MultiBrowser will continue to have all Internet Explorer versions available and ready for testing as long as users out there are still using it and as long as developers require it for testing, which could still be a while....


IE Browser share 12 Jan 2016